Benlysta #5 and other junk.

On Monday I had my 5th infusion. They finally decided to skip the solumedrol and so I’m not having all these wonky side-effects right now which is really nice. They’re going to run some vitamin tests with the blood they took so I’ll know by next week if the heart palpitations and chest discomfort is in fact caused by a vitamin deficiency. I’ve managed to gain some weight, finally. As soon as I started taking a B12 supplement, I started gaining weight, after months of trying to put weight on. No coincidence there.

My mom sat on the phone with the pharmacy while I was getting the infusion to fight with them on the doctor’s office’s behalf. Apparently they billed me for 2 infusions and only sent one to the office, so the office was short one dose. And it was the 4th person before anyone could figure out what my mom was talking about. I made a few “math is hard” jokes after she hung up the phone.

When I was at the rheumatology office, it seemed like there were 3-4 people there who were sick. Not just  cold-sick. Like, Flu-sick. I couldn’t help but be irritated. I guess I don’t understand why they weren’t at the emergency room instead. So I’ve been crossing my fingers that I don’t come down with something just from being at the office. I’ve managed to avoid it this long and I really would like to keep avoiding it. I of course used hand sanitizer and “don’t touch your face” and all that. But there’s only so much you can do.

My doctor asked me if I had received my flu-shot. Anyone who knows me knows that I think flu shots are a waste of money. The CDC just ruled flu shots in the US “ineffective” so I’m happy I didn’t get one, because what would have happened was I get injected with 3 strains, it knocks down my immune system, some 4th strain comes along and makes me really sick because I have no immunity left from the flu shot, which equals a week in the hospital for me. No thanks, I’ll keep my $25 and take the gamble.

I haven’t heard back from the cardiologist yet. I had an ultrasound and wore a holter monitor for 24 hours (what a buttload of fun that was) So I’ll call them today and schedule a follow-up to see what the hell is going on. Beyond “yup, you have heart palpitations” I’m not expecting them to really find anything wrong with my heart.


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