Disabled gamers.

I was nerding out reading xbox magazine yesterday, and much to my surpise, there was a huge article about disabled gamers, and an organization that devotes their time to help game developers make them more accessible for disabled people. A few issues back I also remember a few writers talking about how video games help them through their chronic pain like fibromylagia and spinal stenosis.

I’m terribly excited to see such a big brand noticing and giving lip service to disabled folks. I feel like for the first time our voices are really being heard, and taken seriously.

There are already games that are more accessible to the colorblind, as well as the hearing impared, with options to change color preferences and high-contrast subtitles. There are future plans for voice-control and more accessibility to folks in wheelchairs and amputees.

While I am not challeged by severe disability, I do have my limits. My fingers frequently get so numb I can’t feel anything and I lose my dexterity. The founder of Ablegamers.org has a sister who experiences the same thing due to MS, and it makes it hard to play games when you don’t have feeling.

I also tire easily, my hands cramp, and I can’t spend too much time sitting in the same chair. Game makers are helping with this as well as helping people with cognitive issues by making more save points within the game so you can play for a short time and not get frustrated because you can’t save your progress.

please check out ablegamers.org. It’s just plain awesome.


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