Yesterday and tomorrow. #lupus #blog

I was at the hospital again yesterday to get the ID testing done and to see my cardiologist. I talked to my cardiologist about my problems with high blood pressure despite being on medication. He wants me to increase my dose of norvasc to 7.5mg from 5mg. I also brought up that I’d like to know why I have high blood pressure in the first place, and I asked him if he thought it was a good idea to see a nephrologist. He seemed to agree and he also scheduled an ultrasound of my kidneys before I see the nephrologist so I have some information for her ahead of time. I’ll be getting the ultrasound on the 31st.

Tomorrow I’m going to see the dermatologist to see what she can tell me about my rashes. I’m bringing in some pictures, but I will probably have a rash when I get there. It comes on pretty easily now, and it seems to surprise some doctors.

Next Tuesday is my appointment with rheumatology, so I’m hoping by then we will have a couple things figured out, or at least be headed in the right direction. We’ll see. It’s a long process, unfortunately.



  1. Jill,
    I can’t tell you how much reading your blogs have helped me.

    I’ve been having unknown symptoms, like the splotchy burning rashes on my chest/neck/facial area, my knees and also my feet (toes specifically), I’ve also been having the severe joint pain, fatigue, etc. Just recently, I started the festival of doctor visits, who are completely puzzled. At first they thought some sort of allergies, until I told them that my upper body rashes just pop up, even when I haven’t had anything to eat, and my joint rashes come up when I’m standing for extended periods of time.

    I’m planning on visiting my PCP next week to tell him to refer me to a rheumatologist since the “dermatologist”(who was really an internist) he sent me too was full of complete garbage, he told me it was allergies, and told me not to eat a list if things that I do not even eat. Even when I told him it wasn’t allergy related, the old man wouldn’t have it.

    I hate how doctors can be completely clueless the majority of the time.

    Sorry for the story! It just felt good to be able to find someone who has similar symptoms.

    Even though you’ve been going through things I cannot fathom, you’ve been strong and have kept pushing through. You’ve been such an inspiration to me, which is what started my whole doctor escapade. I hope that they’ll give you some insight on the rashes, and your daily headaches/migraines. Someone has to know what it’s from, its not like everyone can be completely clueless.

    Good luck with the dermatologist today, I hope you’ll find some answers.

    P.S. It’s funny how doctors look at you like you’re a monster when you’re all rashed up in the office.

    • Hi Kayla,
      It was great to hear from you. I’m so glad that my blog has been helpful. Thank you for reminding me why I write! My health adventure started off much like yours, they told me I had allergies too. I was 12 at the time. I heard all sorts of things from doctors like anorexia, “arthraglia” (whatever that is) “teenagers sleep a lot” and even when I finally had a diagnosis, doctors doubted it and wondered “how is everything at home?” I think it’s really great that you are pursuing other doctors. I think a rheumatologist is a good place to start since you’re having rashes, especially on your joints. It took me a few rheumatologists to find one I like, but I think the one I have now is finally a good match. I hope the rheumatologist can help you get to the bottom of your symptoms.
      Yeah, I still get the “Wow” reaction when my rash comes up in the doctor’s office. So weird, haha. Thanks for reading and writing to me, drop by and say hey anytime! Good luck 🙂

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