Colds and stuff #Lupus

I have a cold. A shitty chest cold. I actually don’t catch a lot of colds, probably because I limit my time spent in public. And when I am in public, I’m a Purell whore.

Anyway, I feel like crap. I’m sick, I did my methotrexate on Tuesday, and “Aunt Flow” came to visit, so it’s been a hard week. Plus the weather has been hot, dry, and windy, which makes me feel horrible by itself. My headaches have been ridiculous. I had one that woke me up at 4am the other day.

I spoke to my neurologist briefly last week and he is ordering an electronystagmogram (ENG) because I keep getting dizzy/lightheaded when I look down. It’s been pretty troublesome lately. I was at this cool records store looking through music a couple weeks ago and I was really lightheaded after looking down all that time. It’s been interfering with my ability to use the computer or work on any sort of art or reading. It’s really frustrating. My neurologist ordered the test to make sure there isn’t some kind of inner-ear problem from all my autoimmune activity.

On the bright side, my mom was able to transfer my methotrexate prescription from a Los Angeles pharmacy to one in my town, and they gave me a giant vial, so it won’t have to be refilled for a while. *excitement*

I’m still breaking out in those horrible rheumatic “sun burn” rashes over my joints and stuff. They itch and burn and come on with no rhyme or reason.

I’ll see my rheumatologist on the 17th, and we will probably decide what drug to use with the methotrexate then.

In the mean time I’ll try not to cough my way into a migraine.

Happy Valentine’s



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