Fevers #lupus

Santa Ana winds have been bringing hot dry air from the desert for the past couple of days. I’ve been living with chronic fevers for months. California hasn’t had a “winter” in years. It’s been really hard to deal with the heat and the fevers for months on end. I’m so hot all the time. I wish I could just go outside and sit in the snow. The only time I’m not hot is when I’m freezing. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium. Given the choice I’d rather be cold.

Aside from the weather, other hot things seem to spike my temperature too. I can’t have a hot drink, a hot meal, use a heating pad, or be in a room without a fan or a cracked window. I can’t take a hot shower or use a jacuzzi. I can’t even walk by the heat lamps that keep the roast chickens hot at the grocery store. Sometimes moving around too much spikes my body temperature. Stress can also be a trigger.

Just so I’m not too hot, I have to make myself cold. Luckily the temperatures get lower at night since the air is so dry right now. I’m tired of the climate where I live and I’m tired of all the things I’ve had to give up or work around just because I’m too friggin’ hot.



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