The Weekend

It’s been 5 days since my infusion. I’m due in for the next one on Thursday. I’m so tired. I spent a couple hours today feeling really dizzy. The past few days have been especially migrainous. I’ve had a lot of pain in my neck and upper back. It makes me feel like I can’t move sometimes. Friday was my birthday. I wanted to go out but I had to take it easy because I had a really bad headache/neck ache/ back ache. I couldn’t even imagine getting in the car. I’m hoping to make it to the beach tomorrow, though.

I’ve been running random fevers for a couple months. I have to take ibuprofen before I go to bed every night so I don’t wake up sweaty and hot. Today I seem to be running even warmer. I woke up with a raging sore throat this morning. I really don’t think I have a cold, though. I think my immune system is just kicking my ass. Sometimes the lupus makes me have random sore throats and fevers. It seems like it’s all happening at once right now.

As for Rituxan side effects, I think mostly I’m just tired and achy. I did have a couple days where I was nauseated and my stomach was upset. I’ve had a lot of headaches but I never really know which thing is causing them. I think my muscles are still cramping from the Solu Medrol.

The dizzy spell I had today was a bit worrisome. I felt like the room was spinning, and I just absolutely could not focus on anything. I’m still feeling it a little. I’ve been awake since 5:30am because of the sore throat so I’m sure that isn’t helping all the symptoms I’m having right now. I’m not much of a nap-taker. When I lie down during the middle of the day I get really bad heart palpitations for some reason (and no, it’s not POTS. People ask me that all the time) If I do happen to fall asleep at all I always wake up with a headache, so between those two things, I don’t even bother trying to nap.

Other than that, I’m not really feeling any serious side effects. I have 3 more infusions, and I might feel more side effects after I complete them. I really want to get them over and done with, partly because I’m worried about the vasculitis, and partly because I really want to start feeling better.


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