Nerve conduction results, nerve biopsy #lupus

I had an EMG/Nerve conduction study done on my arms and legs separately, and on Tuesday the neurologist told me that my arms are normal, and that my legs were normal too, but “borderline normal.” He is now investigating Small Fiber Neuropathy, and today I had a nerve biopsy on the skin on my legs. He took two samples, thigh and shin. First, I got a lidocaine shot in each area. That was actually the most painful part, which wasn’t really painful, just a needle and a sting. When he actually took the skin samples, I didn’t feel anything. Each sample is about 3mm wide by 3mm deep. For bleeding, he typically gives his patients epinephrine with the lidocaine, but since I have trouble with heart palpitations, and since I don’t bleed a lot, he skipped it. So far, so good. I haven’t had any excessive bleeding. I just have to take care of it like a cut with Band-aids and Neosporin for the next 7-10 days.

Here is a shot of the shin area. This one stopped bleeding completely.




The one on my thigh bled a little when I changed the bandages, but it stopped before I put the new Band-aid on it.

He says I’ve passed his neurological exam with flying colors. He believes that my symptoms, like the tingling/numbness/pain are probably related to a connective-tissue disorder. I had some blood drawn and peed in a cup this morning. He’s also testing me for Sjogren’s. I’ve been tested before and it was negative, but the dry eyes and mouth warrant another test. Sjogren’s can also cause joint pain and fatigue from my understanding.

In other news, I’ve been waiting to do a sleep study, and I was originally going to use the at-home device, but my insurance prefers I do one in-office, and my doctor said those can give him more information anyway. It’s scheduled for next Monday. I don’t really feel like sleeping somewhere else, but if it means correcting this breathing problem and stopping the heart palpitations, then I’m all for it. I hope I can sleep there, and I hope that if I do have sleep apnea, their machines catch it and record it.

My sleep apnea symptoms seem to come and go. I probably have it all the time but some nights are worse than others. I kept gasping awake for most of the night last night. It’s not usually that bad. I’m not sure what made last night worse. It was really uncomfortable. I do notice a correlation between heart palpitation/chest heaviness/dizziness/fatigue severity and the severity of my apnea symptoms. It seems like I’ve felt worse today because of last night.




  1. I hope an answer will come from one of these for you. If you have sleep apnea, there is a new device that are like little sticky pillows you place over your nostrils that provide positive airway pressure instead of using the while mask/machine. You have to meet criteria for it, but that or a bite positioner may be an option if you are mild/moderate. I am looking at the pillow on Monday to see if I can change over to it.

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