I haven’t had a cold in a long time. I’ve been pretty good at avoiding it mostly by just not being in crowds, and using hand-sanitizer, and not touching my face. Strange how these things managed  to keep me well all this time. 

Anyway, I did actually get a cold. In August. Figures. Pretty typical of California though. I woke up with a sore throat last Tuesday with no fever, and wrote it off as either allergies or a lupus flare (sometimes mine cause sore throats.) But I knew something was up when it never went away. I got severely congested, and started having sinus headaches. Still no fever at that point, which was probably due to the rx ibuprofen I take regularly. I went to the doctor and he gave me azithromicin because I could’ve had a sinus infection, or very easily developed one eventually.

I had my last dose yesterday. It messed up my stomach pretty badly for a few days. I started running a fever because I had to stop taking the ibuprofen because of the stomach irritation. I’ve been taking Tylenol Cold, and it helps, but not as well as the ibuprofen. The weather outside got pretty hot in the middle of my cold, and I feel like I’ve been absorbing the heat like a lizard. I’ve been taking my temperature a lot just to keep an eye on it, and it hasn’t gotten out of control. I feel like I’ve been sick forever though. I was supposed to have a Benlysta infusion today and I had to move it to next week, because you can’t have them when you’re sick.

 I’ve also had to stress-dose with hydrocortisone to support my adrenals during the stress of being sick. I noticed it seems to be helping with pain in my smaller joints as well, which makes me wonder if I shouldn’t be taking more to help with lupus pain. The painkillers don’t seem to keep away that kind of joint pain. Another question for the doctors.


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