Lupus and nerves and some stuff.

I’ve been in a flare for a good week and a half at least. I remember coming home from gamestop and telling my mom I was getting sick, but it never really turned into a cold. It’s weird how a flare can feel like a cold. I’ve had the sore throat and stuffy nose, but I haven’t really had a fever or anything. I’ve been cycling through hot flashes and chills. I woke up last night drenched in sweat, but this morning I couldn’t get warm for anything.

The most annoying thing is that this flare has fired up my nerves again. I had neuropathy 2 years ago and it’s what led to my diagnosis, and it seems to be rearing its ugly head again. It bothers me the most in my legs. The pain in my knees and back have been bad, but I’ve also been having tingling and numbness, accompanied by severe itching that is keeping me up at night. Yup, itching. Most people probably don’t think about how itching is a form of pain. When nerves misfire they can send all sorts of wrong signals to the brain, including the itchy ones. I don’t have a rash, so that’s how I know it’s not an allergy. Plus, it’s all over, I can’t really pinpoint it, and it feels really prickly, the way the numbness can feel sometimes. Sometimes an itch will come on so sudden and intense that I kick my leg out. I took a hot bath but only had relief while I was submerged in water. Tramadol has been helping with the pain and itching, but I can’t take it at night before bed because it keeps me awake and makes me wired for some reason. It usually makes people drowsy but I sometimes experience the opposite effect. All in all, it’s driving me crazy.

My doctor clarified today that if my Lymphocytes are still going up and down, I can still have my benlysta treatment for this month, but if it dips lower than usual, that’s when we’ll talk about what to do next.

I’ve been doing the neck exercises that the Neurosurgeon showed me. He said he wants me to do 3 sets of 7 every day, but I’m just starting out with one. I want to ease into it. My neck is terribly sensitive, and it gets easily aggravated from these exercises.

On a side note, I’m still trying to gain and keep weight on. I’m hovering around 111lbs, but would like to be at 120. I started putting an avocado in my daily fruit smoothie. As long as you have tangy fruit in there with it, you can’t taste it. Plus it’s better than the boost plus shakes because it doesn’t have tons of sugar in it. With an avocado I’m getting 234 calories and 21g of fat, plus everything else that’s in the smoothie. Also, nutrition shakes really only offer protein most of the time, which only works for bulking up, not for gaining actual body fat. The boost shakes really make me nauseated. I can’t handle a bunch of processed sugar in my stomach at once and drinking them was making me feel like crap. I’m glad to have found a more pleasant and probably healthier alternative.



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