For the past 2 days, I’ve had wicked stomach pain around my navel. At first, I thought maybe I was having stomach cramps as a side effect of the Benlysta infusion I had on Tuesday. But no matter how many different stomach meds I tried, the pain didn’t go away. It didn’t go away when I had hot tea or food. And it also didn’t and still hasn’t moved, which I thought was weird. It occured to me this morning that it’s not a stomach ache, it most likely an injury in the muscle wall in my abdomen. I don’t recall what I did, perhaps something that strained the muscle over the weekend when I was deep-cleaning my room, or when I tried to scoot the recliner in my living room over absent-mindedly. It felt just like a bad stomach ache for the first 24 hours, and now the pain has let up, the muscles feel tired and strained. It kept me up last night, mostly because I wasn’t taking the right medicines for it. Since I know now that it’s a muscle issue, I have been taking painkillers, and it helps. I rode in the car today and it made the pain flare up. The pain is nearly gone now but I feel like I did about 900 sit-ups.

It’s obvious I have muscle atrophy from missing out on exercise because of my lupus symptoms, especially since the cardio issues started. I should know better than to push, pull, or pick up anything heavy, but sometimes I just do it without thinking about it. I guess I really learned my lesson this time, I certainly won’t be doing that again. I’ve never had anything like this before and I don’t know how long it will take to heal, but I’m gonna really have to baby it, because I don’t want it to turn into a hernia or something.

Some sleep would be neat-o. And to not be in pain anymore would be awesome too, since I’ve had bad headaches along with this nonsense. I feel like I’ve been a writhing ball of pain for the last 48 hours.


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  1. There really should be a sympathize button. “Like” just sounds a little masochistic. Hope the pain gets better very soon for you. Adding one thing to a long list of crap is really depressing, as I very well know.

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