Passive-Aggressive Medical Personnel

I talked about part of this in another blog but I’ll just reiterate so it’s all here.

So the cardiologist had me do the ultrasound, and wear a holter monitor for 24 hours to record what my heart is doing, yadda yadda.

So my mom calls them to schedule a follow-up so the doctor can explain to me what my results are. The staff that answered the phone insisted that my results are normal and that no further appointments would be necessary. She also didn’t really speak English. For one thing, the things I am going through are not “normal”. It’s not normal be sitting on the couch and all the sudden your heart is pounding and you can’t catch your breath. For another thing, I want to hear it from the doctor. I don’t want to be diagnosed by someone who answers phones and can’t speak English, and says “you only have a few extra heartbeat.” My mom also asked her to fax my results to my rheumatologist so she can see what is going on, because for all we know, the Lupus could be attacking my heart. But out of spite, the woman didn’t fax the results to my doctor. We weren’t disrespectful to her, just confused. I don’t understand what her problem was.

So about a week later I called to schedule an appointment with the doctor because my rheumatologist wants to know what is going on as much as I do. I got a different person than my mom talked to, but she was equally as rude in insisting that I don’t need an appointment. She was practically yelling into the phone, and I just explained to her that I’m a little confused about the results and I needed some questions answered. She reluctantly scheduled my appointment. What I should have said was “It’s none of your goddamn business why I want to talk to him. Just do your job and schedule me and keep your snotty opinion to yourself.” But, alas, I didn’t. She caught me off guard, and so I was trying to be nice.

So I show up for my appointment today (a week and a half after scheduling it), only to find out that the lady scheduled my appointment at an office outside of my town, which I understand is the doctors’ main office, but she didn’t bother tell me that. So now, I STILL don’t know what is going on. She probably did it on purpose, just because I wanted her to do her damn job and mind her own business.

Not to mention the fact that she was shouting all this into the phone, so there goes my privacy.

You can’t possibly tell me that it’s normal to have your heart pounding most of the time, get out of breath from getting up off the couch, having your vision get fuzzy and feel lightheaded, and get so fatigued that you’re too tired to sit up. I can’t exercise, I can’t even take my dog for a walk most of the time. I can feel my heart pound in the back of my head because of the Chiari Malformation. I”m worried I’m going to start fainting if whatever this is isn’t taken care of soon. Just fuck off already.

I of course will never say this to these people. I refuse to stoop to their level of rudeness.



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