update schmupdate

I heard from my rheumatologist today. I’m a little anemic, but other than that my vitamin levels are normal. So my B12 heart palpitations theory is out the window. I really don’t have a clue why my heart is pounding at random times for hours.

The cardiologist office called and told me my “test results are normal”…normal? It’s normal for your heart to pound for no reason? I’m confused about this right now, because they didn’t give me a solution, and the person who called me barely spoke English, so I couldn’t ask her to be more specific. Is it too much to ask for people that work in the medical field to be able to speak decent English? She also said that I don’t need medicine for it or to see the doctor again. So I’m just supposed to do nothing? And she couldn’t be bothered to fax my results to my rheumatologist either.

I called the cardiology office again today to schedule an appointment to talk to the doctor to find out what the hell is going on. I got a different lady this time but she was still quick to tell me I don’t need an appointment. I told her I needed some clarification and to be able to tell my rheumatologist what all this means. So she scheduled me. Real big of her.

My rheumatologist wants to make sure the Lupus isn’t attacking my heart. That’s why I can’t take “normal” for an answer. If it is in fact attacking my heart, I’ll have to go off the Benlysta and try another medicine, because Benlysta doesn’t protect your heart.

It is also possible that I’m just having benign arrythmias. In that case, I hope they can give me a beta blocker or something. I’m sick of this shit. It’s ruling my life right now.

The other thing is, my heart pounding all the time isn’t good for my chiari. Every beat makes my cerebellum pulse down into the hole through my skull and it gives me crazy headaches.


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