Headaches, and Lupus relief.

I had a few days this week where I didn’t have a headache. It was amazing. I don’t even know why it happened. I can’t remember the last time I went without having a headache even for a day. But unfortunately, today they’re back, with a vengeance too. It came on around noon today, and I just can’t shake it. The whole left side of my face hurts, and it goes down into the back of my neck, my teeth are throbbing, and my upper back isn’t a happy camper either. These are a bitch. No medicine any doctor has given me helps. It will take the edge off, but it just doesn’t go away. I’m not on anything strong and I’d really rather not be. I don’t wanna be a zombie or feel all weird. I’d almost rather be in pain. I just don’t like the way that stuff makes me feel. There’s a good chance that I’ll wake up with this headache tomorrow. These bitches last forever.

In other news, I think the Benlysta is really starting to help my Lupus. I haven’t had to take medicine for my other pain, because I haven’t had other pain. I still get achy and tired if I am out and about or I’m on my feet too long, but it’s nice to not be in pain for no reason when I’m just at home relaxing. I think it’s safe to say I’m making progress.

Another problem I’ve been having lately is I’ve discovered that a couple medicines I take for muscle spasm relief contain lactose. I’m pretty lactose intolerant. I’ve been losing weight like crazy for, until now, an unknown reason. I was skinny to begin with, but I started to feel like I was disappearing. My pants are falling down a lot of the time. I’m 5’8″ and my healthy weight was 120lbs, but now I’ve dropped to 106lbs. I read that if a lactose intolerant person has lactose, their body feels the need to get rid of it quickly, and if this keeps going on, you become malnourished. So now, I’ve stopped taking the muscle relaxers altogether, and I’m taking the lactaid enzyme pill for anytime I have cheese or anything that might even have a trivial amount of lactose in it. I’m trying like crazy to gain weight, the healthy way, with things like nuts, hummus, avocado products (bleh lol), dark meat, beef, soy yogurt, etc. It’s amazing how hard it is to gain weight when you can’t have dairy. Plus, I have some digestive issues, and a lot of foods that are fattening just don’t digest well. I feel self-conscious about being skinny sometimes. I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve been picked on for it with the “do you have an eating disorder” comments. No, dipshit. Some people just can’t help it. I’d love to have some curves quite honestly. I’d love for my pants not to fall down. And my ass to be more cushioned, because I’m bony and sitting on hard surfaces hurts after a while. I’m starting to ramble. ChronicallyJill out.


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