I had a whole day, plus this morning, without any vertigo. And I think I know why.

I have Addison’s Disease, and I’m on a replacement steroid called Fludrocortisone. Before being treated for AD I had low blood pressure, which is a normal symptom. Fludrocortisone helps to raise blood pressure to combat this problem and does a wonderful job, sometimes almost too well. People taking Fludro have to be careful that they aren’t on too much, because it can raise the blood pressure a little too much and cause headaches. Now, normally my blood pressure is great, even at the doctor when most people are nervous, my blood pressure is normal.

But lately something has changed, even just in the past 2 weeks or so. Suddenly I am really sensitive to salty food, and since I have AD I am supposed to eat extra salt, and when my heart rate goes up I get random anxiety that has no emotional trigger. This is strange for me, because I’m a pretty relaxed person.

So I decided to experiment a little, and I have only been taking half the dose of fludro I normally take. The day after I started doing this the vertigo was gone.

It’s not that I’m on too much Fludro, because it would be weird for that to happen all the sudden. Something is making my Chiari sensitive to any tiny jump in my blood pressure, causing vertigo and anxiety. I’m not surprised since I’ve been having some new trouble with other symptoms lately. By taking less Fludro, I am lowering my blood pressure, so the jumps aren’t quite as pronounced, thus no vertigo. It’s only a temporary solution, as I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to be on less medicine for any length of time, but my neurologist appointment is on Friday, so until then, it works for me. Squee.


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