Vertigo Away

Yesterday was one of the worst vertigo days I have experienced since knowing about my Chiari. It was so bad that I couldn’t do much to occupy myself, I basically just sat around. I noticed when I tried to even just listen to the TV, I felt like I couldn’t catch all the words they were saying and it made absolutely no sense. My mom tried the Brandt-Daroff exercise with me, and the first time I tried it, it really helped the vertigo. I couldn’t believe it. Throughout the day I tried it a couple more times, and at that point I felt like it was just making my neck hurt. It’s gonna be trial and error until I figure out what the right angle is for my neck. I am still feeling the vertigo now, not as bad but it’s still lingering. I am going to try not to be on the computer too much today, that sitting position is horrible for people with Chiari. In retrospect I realize now why I couldn’t continue on majoring in 3D modeling. I also have to be careful with showering, as that seems to exacerbate the vertigo for some reason. I guess the plan for today is to not get more vertigo.



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