School, and the Bullshit horse it rode in on.

Listen up ADA, get your shit together and do something about this.

It’s that time of year again. Not for me, I’m still “too well to attend” as I like to say. If school were made more accessible for people like me, I probably could go. But since Professors insist on having these ‘nazi-regime’ classroom rules, it’s not worth the stress. The level of unfairness is absolutely disgusting. If I’m too sick to go to class or complete a homework assignment, I get punished, as if I was just too lazy or something. When I approach the professors and tell them about my difficulties, they must think I’m making it up to try to get a free ride or something, because they always give me the “It’s not fair to the other students for you to be treated differently” speech. Why not? I’m different than the other students. Other students don’t have their brain herniating into their spinal column, and the accompanied chronic headaches, vertigo, and loss of concentration. Other students don’t get unpredictable pain flares that keep them in bed for days. The list could go on forever. Why is it ok for me to be penalized for missing class because of something like this? My grades are lower than they should be because I get penalized for all sorts of things because my health got in the way. Why is this ok? And then the government will get on people like me because we “aren’t productive members of society”. Well how are we supposed to be if the bullshit school system doesn’t give us a little leeway? If I can show you that I understand the material, why isn’t that enough? You don’t penalize wheelchair guy in gym class because he can’t use his legs, so why is penalizing someone for being chronically ill different?

I never have and never will use any of my illnesses as an excuse to get a free ride. When I was in school a few semesters ago, I wanted so badly to just be normal and able to go to class, I actually pushed myself to the point where I made myself more ill, and eventually had to stop going to school. Why should I have to drive myself to this point? So I get a 100 on my homework instead of a 50?



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