Rupunzel and the Buzzcut

When I was a kid, I was notorious for my REALLY long hair. If you knew me in elementary school, you probably even remember it. That shit was so long I could sit on it, and I’m not even joking. I always wore it in braids to keep that from happening. I didn’t get my first hair cut until I was 13.

Since then, I’ve usually kept it relatively long, but no where near what it was. I had a couple bouts of cutting it to my shoulders, but usually ended up growing it out again afterward.

Hair has always been such an annoying feature to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way it looks. It’s just so…itchy. And when it’s long, it’s heavy.

From the time I was about 15 and still going on now, I’ve had a really hard time wearing it in any kind of up-do. Pony tails, buns, braids, all that weight situated in one small area on my head has always given me such a headache. This poses a problem when it’s really hot out and you’re sweaty. Do you want your hair to stick to your neck, or do you want a headache? Hmm…

There are days when bald sounds pretty good.

I’ve casually talked about just buzzing my head before. I wouldn’t be the first chick to do it. Natalie Portman looks fucking amazing with a buzzcut. So does Demi Moore. I never understood why Britney took so much crap for buzzing her head. Chicks just do that sometimes.

So even though I’ve considered it, I wasn’t sure I’d actually do it. Then I found out about my Chiari Malformation and the possibility of brain surgery. Depending on a neurosurgeon’s technique, some people buzz their head for surgery. Other patients are only required to shave a small patch. I won’t know which I’ll have to do until I meet the neurosurgeon.

If in fact I will be required to buzz my head, I do not plan on wearing wigs afterward or anything like that. I might keep some hats around for when it rains but I really just plan on being myself. If people are disturbed by my naked noggin they can kiss my bare butt.

If I don’t have to buzz my head, I am still getting a haircut. Like a collarbone-length haircut. It will be too hard to take care of hair when I have staples going up the back of my head. My hair was down to the bottom of my ribcage in May. I liked it but it was just so heavy and hard to take care of. I had my mom take off about six inches. It was then down to about my armpits, for lack of a better way to measure. I was ok with it for a couple months, but it was still too heavy. This week, I had my mom take off another 4 inches or so, and it’s down to my shoulders now. It’s a lot easier to wear up now, but I’m still having some trouble with the weight of it. It’s the Chiari that causes the pain, and I’m hoping post-surgery I’ll be able to have long-ish hair again in the future.


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