Meeting with the Neurosurgeon

Everything is still a jumble in my head, but here goes.

What I am dealing with is not an emergency. The decision for surgery is solely up to me based on how much the Chiari is affecting my life. Which it is greatly.

The surgery itself would be endoscopic. They won’t have to open up the dura, or do anything to my spine. The surgery would only be bone removal, which would be less invasive compared to the additional dura/spine stuff.

In plain English, they have to make the opening of my skull where the spine and brain stem pass through bigger by removing a small piece of my skull.

He seemed confident that we could work around the Addison’s and Lupus. He was very comforting.

So now that I have this knowledge, I realize that my neurologist was just being wishy-washy and dragging his feet about the whole thing. He thought I would be some big-risk patient, and it made me terrified. The neurosurgeon thinks otherwise.

So on my to-do list now is to get referred to a neurosurgeon within my network, and to have the same chat with him, and go back and forth with my other doctors to figure out when the best time is for me to have surgery.

Then, of course, schedule the surgery. I’m pretty ready to get this show on the road. I’m not sure how much time will lapse between now and actually going in for surgery, but I’m hoping it will be before the summer weather hits. Who wants to be recovering and sweating their ass off at the same time?

I’m tired, my neck is stiff, and I of course have a headache. But I am relieved.


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