Lupus Flares are for Squares

Something just wasn’t right with me yesterday. I slept til noon, which is weird for me considering I can’t seem to sleep past whenever the sun comes up. I had a lot of strange nightmares, and I attibute them to being in pain while being asleep. That seems to stimulate my brain into having unpleasant dreams for some reason. All day yesterday I just felt off. I felt like I couldn’t get my blood sugar up or something. Silly me didn’t think to test it, but I was disoriented all day. I went to the library and could not for the life of me concentrate on the alphabet so I could find a book. My mom would ask me something and all I could seem to come up with was “…uhhhh”. My hamster just wasn’t spinning that wheel. My mom told me I was walking funny. My knees were really stiff, but I guess I didn’t realize how bad it was.

The day before all this I had done some Tai Chi. If you haven’t tried it, all it really is is a flow a movements in sync with your breathing, nothing too strenuous or requiring flexibility. I really enjoy it, and recommend it to anyone just trying to get moving.

Anyway, I was on the brink of a flare and didn’t realize it. I did a longer session of tai chi than usual, I felt tired after but that’s a give-in. But all day yesterday I felt really sore from it. I felt like I got in a car accident or beat up or something.

Then it occured to me, you know that expression, “It’s always darkest before dawn.”? Well, what if the opposite can be true? What if you feel your best RIGHT before a flare? That seemed to be what happened. I had a really good appetite (which is weird for me) and enough energy to exercise, and run errands after. It wasn’t until the middle of the night I realized I was in a flare.

I’m still hurting everywhere, but I really don’t think the Tai Chi is what did it. I think I’d be hurting right now anyway. 


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