Herbal Remedies, and other Bullshit

Whenever I chat with people in an online support group, be it about Lupus or my other issues, there’s always some fool on there who says something like “Is there a way to treat this disease with herbs?” because they are against real medicine for whatever reason.

And so begins my rant.

Honey, if there was a way to eat a leaf and feel better, we’d all be doing it, it wouldn’t be some big secret. If herbs were really all they are cracked up to be, there wouldn’t be a multi-billion dollar pharmaceuticals industry.

People seem to think that because something comes from a plant, that it is safe and doesn’t have any side effects. Ummm, marijuana?

(I will write a separate blog about my stance on marijuana sometime)

People also forget that pharmaceuticals are often derived from plants. Opiates are derived from the opium poppy fruit.

Not to mention the fact that with a disease like Addison’s Disease, Hydrocortisone doesn’t grow on a tree. It has to be made synthetically simply because there is no other way to get it. Without it, an Addisonian will eventually get sick and die. So there really is no two ways about it.

With all that said, there is but one herbal treatment I stand behind. Peppermint, for the treatment of nausea. Tea, hard candies, gum, and oil, it all works pretty well.

Other than that, I take my real medicine.

And so concludes my rant.


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