Epiphany of the Day

Normally I am pretty embarrassed to talk about this, but I realized something today and thought, why not write about it?

So…I never obtained my driver’s license. I’ve had a permit off and on but it has expired and I haven’t been on the road in a few years. I’ve always had a terrible phobia of driving and I just never made it a priority. People always think it’s weird when I tell them this. It definitely is a giant pain in the ass not being able to drive myself places, especially when I was going to school, and not living in an area that has public transportation. But I took mostly night classes and I remember thinking at 10-11 at night when it would be time to go home “I’m so thankful I have a ride, there is no way I could concentrate enough to drive home right now. I’m so tired.” And going with this instinct, I went on to get rides instead of my license.

Knowing what I know now about Chiari Malformation, I am so glad I’ve prohibited myself from driving. My concentration is non-existent sometimes, and I don’t even want to know how bad my reaction time is. When I was practicing on my permit, I fucked up my neck by looking over my shoulder, and I couldn’t move it for 3 days after. I don’t worry so much that I would make a mistake, as some bad California driver would do something stupid and I’d have to react to avoid an accident. I think being off the road right now has saved my life a lot of stress and possible injury.


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