Decaf Chai

Yep. That’s what’s replacing my coffee this morning. I’m cutting out caffeine, salt, and sugar for a little bit. Still yummy, but I’m missing my coffee already. It’s hard to cut out caffeine when it helps your headaches.

I’m having these episodes where my chest gets tight, it’s hard to breathe, my heart pounds, and I can’t sit still. I know it sounds like anxiety, but it’s not. They never happen when I’m stressed about something. They only happen when I do some stupid shit like *go up the stairs*…or….*make my bed*…or anything seemingly physical.

Caffeine, salt, and sugar seem to be a trigger. Not the sole cause of course, but they certainly aren’t helping.

I think these episodes are probably a side-effect of sorts. I’m not entirely sure from what but I have a hunch it’s from the Solu-medrol steroids they give me with the Benlysta infusions. When you have a big dose of steroids and you don’t taper down from it, you sometimes get withdrawal-type symptoms.

There are other things that could be causing this, the Benlysta itself perhaps, or something entirely unrelated to medicine (which I doubt)… I don’t really know, but I know that it’s been a complete pain in the ass to do much of anything lately.


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