Clothes part II

I went to Kmart to put some winter clothes on layaway. I ended up shopping mostly in the men’s section for hoodies and flannel shirts(and if ya don’t like it, kiss my ass!). The way women’s clothes are made nowadays just makes my already aching body more achy. Everything is tailored to hug and cling to every body part and I just can’t deal with it right now. I did still buy women’s pants, I’m not a total weirdo, and I went to the dressing room to try everything on I picked out. Huge mistake. I can’t believe how bad trying clothes on makes me hurt. After 3 pairs of pants I was ready to cry. I suppose I didn’t ‘take it easy’. I could’ve sit down while I put pants on and such, but I go into dressing rooms so little I guess it didn’t occur to me that I should be pain conscious while trying on clothes. The thing that bums me out is I still had steroids in my system from the Dr’s appointment and I shouldn’t be in pain at all… supposedly. Derp.


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