Chronic pain and clothes

I had a hat on for a little while today. Wearing it gave me a headache. I cut a notch in the back the other day because it was a little too tight before and it seemed like the notch made it better. But I guess not. Bummer, ‘cause I love hats.

I used to be an avid belt-wearer back when Avril Lavigne was still cool. But when I developed chronic pain, I stopped being able to wear belts. Having something wrapped around my waist, not even necessarily tightly, makes my lower back muscles spasm.

When my pain is bad, my nerves get hyper-sensitive, and having certain types of fabrics rubbing against my skin has a “nails on a chalkboard” feeling. Jeans are especially annoying(denim shorts too), as well as cotton plaid shirts that don’t stretch and denim jackets, and anything similar. Clothes that restrict movement in any way always make my back cramp up. Sweatpants and hoodies are my besties.

T-shirts for me have always been hard to shop for. I have really sensitive armpits, and those tiny yucky cap sleeves they have on all women’s t-shirts nowadays really chafe my underarms. I either buy guys t-shirts, or XL women’s so the armholes are big and the sleeves aren’t a problem. Long sleeve shirts are great when the sleeves are down to my knuckles. When they are shorter than that they drive me nuts. I have a tendancy to pull my sleeves up over my elbows, and then having the sleeves gathered there makes my elbows hurt, so unless the sleeves are super-long, no thanks.

You’ve read my rant about bras already, but I haven’t talked much about underwear yet, so here goes. I don’t understand how in the hell women can wear underwear that is purposely designed to go up their ass. Number one, GROSS. Number two, isn’t it uncomfortable to have some lacy string chafing your bunghole all day long? Number three, there is no practical reason to wear such underwear. Don’t give me that “underwear lines” speech ‘cause it’s bullshit and you know it. Anyhoo, I just wear regular cotton briefs. I bought some Women’s boxer-brief type underwear, and they’re ok, but they tend to bunch up underneath certain pants. They’re good to sleep in when it’s hot though, and are great under baggy jammies.

Socks. There really is no bad sock. Although, sometimes the knee-highs have elastic that is too tight and makes a weird itchy imprint on my leg. My feet like to get ice cold and turn black and blue for no apparent reason, so it’s pretty important that I keep my feet warm. I don’t like to wear socks on hot days, but I still do most of the time to keep my toes warm. I gave those compression socks a try. They’re too thin to wear like regular socks, and your shoes will chafe your feet if you’re not careful. They feel nice on your legs, because they compress your calves, but I guess I’m on the fence about whether or not they are of any benefit to my corpse feet. I woke up one morning after sleeping in there and it seems like they actually made it worse.

I wrote a blog about shoes earlier. The Dr. Martens sneakers are great, I definitely recommend them.

While I’m at it, I might as well talk about jewelry. I can’t wear any when I hurt. having weight on my earlobes or neck, no matter how light, also produces a “nails on a chalkboard” sensation. Dangly bracelets that slide up and down my skin are really annoying. I don’t have any artsy body piercings simply because I think it would drive me nuts. I wore an anklet for a long time, but I’m clumsy and I used to kick my own ankle while walking, and the bracelet would scrape and make me bleed.

It sounds like I’m the perfect candidate for a nudist colony, but that would just be awkward. And cold.


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