Chronic Pain and Boobs

Bras. What sick twisted fuck invented these things? When I hurt everywhere, the last thing I want to do is strap something on that’s going to rub against my sternum all friggin’ day long. Comfortable bras do exist. But they make you have trailer-park tits, or no tits at all. I’ve opted for the no-tits-at-all look.

When you have chronic pain like I do, any part of your body is fair game. Yes, even my boobs hurt sometimes. They get sore to the touch, so mushing them in some underwire contraption just isn’t an option. And on the days I’ve been forced to wear one, the second I get home, I take it off and throw it somewhere in frustration.

If your a guy reading this, you must be laughing. Just imagine, you know how when you have the flu, you just ache everywhere? Ok, imagine feeling like that. Now imagine having to wear a contraption that lifts and separates your balls.

I’m lucky enough not to have big boobs. I have upper back and neck pain as it is, I can’t imagine how bad it would be if I had to support giant knockers all day long. I don’t know how those women with fake tits can stand it.

When I have a migraine, my pain radiates from the back of my skull, down the left side of my neck, and into the left side of my shoulder and upper back. The pain gets so bad, that having anything touching my skin in those areas makes me want to cry. It’s been so bad I can’t wear necklaces, and I’ve had to take my earrings out. I can’t wear certain clothes, like racerback tank tops and cotton shirts that don’t stretch and move with me. And of course, I can’t stand the feeling of bra straps on my shoulder.

I also have a problem with bikinis. It’s really hard to find a bikini that isn’t a halter. Tying the weight of my boobs around my neck just isn’t an option for me. It’s very painful. There are some swimsuits that aren’t halter-top, but they are really hard to find, and usually $100. So instead, I go to target and I pick out some bikini bottoms, and then I go in the bra section, and match up some bright-colored bras to go with the bikini bottoms. No one can tell it’s not a bikini top. And if they can, I don’t really give a shit. I’m more comfortable and I’m covered up.


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