I have not yet been in to see a Neurologist. My appointment is on September 7th. Since I am Symptomatic, I think he will suggest surgery. If not, I will get a second opinion. It might seem weird for someone to want surgery so much, unless the person happens to be a whore getting a boob job. Not my case. But I do not want to walk around drugged up all the time instead of actually taking care of the problem. I am absolutely prepared to have brain surgery. The idea does not scare me at all. What scares me is continuing to feel the way I feel now, and the malformation actually progressing into something a lot worse than it already is.

Chiari malformation is when a part of the back of your brain (the cerebellar tonsils, to be exact) herniates down into the spinal column, because the cranium did not grow enough to allow room for the Cerebellum. This causes a variety of problems, trapping the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, the possible development of cysts in your spine called a Syrinx, and a range of symptoms that effect coordination, focus, and functions controlled by your brainstem.

I don’t know of any problems beyond the malformation itself. I am expecting to need more MRIs to determine other possible issues.

Surgery consists of removal of bone to allow for more room. Recovery takes about 6 weeks. From my reading, it seems surgery has really helped with people’s symptoms. There are those cases though where it doesn’t help, but I’m not going to think about that right now. I am lucky to live in an area where some of the best doctors and surgeons in the world run their practices, and I have confidence that I am in good hands.


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