Benlysta infusion #1

I got the approval for benlysta the other day, and I went in yesterday for the infusion. Yesterday was the only appointment they had that wasn’t in a few weeks, and I wanted to start it sooner rather than later, so I just went for it. They gave me claritin and tylenol beforehand. I had the IV in for about 90 minutes or so. The only side effect I have to worry about is getting headaches, and the PA told me that if I stay well-hydrated it shouldn’t be a problem at all. So far I haven’t felt any different. No side effects either. My next infusion is in 2 weeks. My doctor said I might start feeling better immediately, so we’ll see.

I was achy as usual today. My legs were all crampy from sitting in the car too long yesterday. My lungs have been hurting lately too. Not badly, but it is there. They also gave me solumedrol yesterday but that never seems to do anything for my pain. I know I’m not sounding too optimistic right now but I swear I am. I’m looking forward to the next infusion and hopefully feeling better soon.Image


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