Benlysta #3

Nothing too out-of-the-ordinary to write here today. The infusion went as the others have. It made my arm cold. I had a gross taste in my mouth from the IV steroids. I got tired of sitting after a while.

While I was in the car I spent the whole trip there lying down. I didn’t want to have a headache from the time I got there. I got an ass cramp from it.

I have the leg cramps now just like I did the last 2 times. I think it’s a side effect of the Benlysta, although I’m not entirely sure. They start before I leave the clinic so I know it’s not just from riding in the car.

Neurosurgeon consult is Thursday. After I meet with him, I want to start meeting with a Neurosurgeon that is in my network. My Rheumy said she has no problem referring me, so that makes things easier. But I’m going to the NS outside of my network that I was referred to because I feel like my headaches are suddenly urgent, and I just need to start investigating now, and not wait til I get approved to go see someone else. It has been ridiculous this week. It’s different than what I usually experience. I guess I kinda talked about that already.


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