Benlysta #2

I had my second infusion yesterday. I had solumedrol as a pre-med and some tylenol. It went well. Didn’t feel weird after or anything, except for a yucky taste in my mouth from the steroids. I played scrabble on my nook tablet with my mom while I was getting the treatment. I talked to my doctor for a little while and let her know how my appointment with my Endo went. 

On the way home we took a wrong turn, or didn’t take a turn, and got lost. That was an adventure. 

When we got home my lower back, glutes, and legs were in knots. A friend told me that she had gotten leg cramps from the first few infusions, so I don’t think it was from being in the car for longer than usual. I went to the jaccuzzi and stretched but it still kept me up last night. I’m not sure why the steroids didn’t help with the cramps. Muscle relaxers didn’t help either. The only relief I got was from some ibuprofen. My legs are better now, but the muscles are kinda tired from being knotted up.

I can’t say I feel any different yet. I’m tired today from being awake last night. And   I’m about to get my period. Sorry for the TMI, but my period always kicks my ass. So I think if I’m gonna start feeling different, it will be when my period is over. I’ll keep you posted.


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