Back Friday

No, That’s not a typo. I fucked up my back. And not by going shopping at ridiculous hours of the morning. I boycott that shit every year. I’m so lazy, I’d rather pay full price for everything just so I can sleep after thanksgiving dinner.


Yes. I tweaked my lower back. Normally I refrain from a lot of cleaning and anything that requires excessive bending over, but I wanted to fix up my room myself for a change, and now I’m paying for it.

As my previous posts have stated, I had a spinal tap in 2009, and my lower back hasn’t been right since. I think it is possible they hit a nerve, because I sometimes get symptoms like sciatica, but in both legs.

I’m feeling a lot of pressure in my lumbar spine. It feels like I have some inflammation pressing on a nerve. If I move wrong it feels more like a pinch.

So I’ll be spending my “Back Friday” with my heating pad and my cat and my xbox. Not necessarily a bad day, considering.


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