Back and Neck Muscle Spasms

Laying absolutely still for my MRI yesterday seemed to put a lot of strain on my muscles. I woke up this morning with a sore neck and it has since moved down into my back. I had my mom massage in some menthol cream, and she told me I have huge knots in my muscles. It’s weird because I can’t really feel it until someone touches it. I mean, I’m a little sore, but not to the “huge muscle knots” extent. This makes me worried that I am losing feeling in my back, which is a symptom of the syrinx they are looking for. I have also been guilty of taking showers that are too hot. I’ll leave the temperature adjusted where I had it, and someone else will take a shower, and they’re like “Holy shit, how do you stand that?” It’s a combination of not being able to feel truly how hot the water is, and the fact that my pain is so bad I have to have it pretty hot for it to be a good distraction.

Other than that, not feeling too bad today. Just tired, and my brain is a little foggy. The clouds rolled in a bit. It’s still warm but the breeze is cooler and it feels nice to not have the sun beating in through the window.


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